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Qualified Rehabilitation Professional must have a Bachelor degree in or additional qualification as Master's degree and / PhD. A Person claiming as a "Rehabilitation Care Professional" without above qualification known as quack. The person with a diploma in rehabilitation is not a Professional but a technician who assists Professional or Theraist..... THINK TWICE BEFORE CONSULTATION....

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THINK TWICE BEFORE Consul tation!!

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        • Have a Bachelor or Master Degree, Ph.D with RCI Registration.
        • Experience gained in internship and practiced in hospital, clinical and company set-up.
        • Proving proper services.
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Audiologist & Speech Therapist

Minimum qualification as Degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. Trained in Audiological & Speech Language disorder and Rehabilitation specially hearing aids. Registration of rehabilitation Council of India which start from "A" letter.

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* Non Audiologist *

Non graduate in Audiology. Does not know about degree, severity of hearing loss. No idea about auditory training. Not responsible about care maintenance & servicing of hearing aid. Workinbg as sales persons.


Beware about Hearing Aid Frauds

  • Self Fitting of Hearing Aids Will Damage Your Ear.
  • Hearing Aid Is Not For Internet Sales, E-Commerce Sales, Online Purchase.
  • Warranty Is Not Applicable If Purchased By Non-Authorized Persons, Internet, Online Shopping etc.

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t not satisfied with treatment. I want suggestion what to do now.

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is is the best place for a therapy center. We provide facilities in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and counseling. Also, we have a well-trained therapist to take care of your child.

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