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Hearing Solution care Professional Consultation

We Have Largest Chain Of RCI-Registered "Private Audiological Professional Practitioner" In India. All are Our Practitioner Fulfill minimum Qualification Criteria In Field of Audiology as "Degree In Audiology & Speech Language Pathology".

No 1 Team of

No 1 Team of Registered Audiologist

Talent Behind the curtain Meet Our Team

We are trying


Aware you about field of Audiology, Hearing Care Professionals.

Audiologist: A Professional who completed 3 Year Degree and 1 Year Internship in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology  (Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Rehabilitation). Then We come to serve you Audiological & Speech Language services, Like Audiological Evaluation, Speech Therapy, Hearing Aids Trial & much more.

We have such a team of  RCI - Registered Professional Audiologist  in INDIA.

  • We have No. 1 Team of Professional Audiologist in INDIA.
  • All are professional fulfill minimum criteria of practice in Audiology as degree in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology.
  • All are RCI Registered Audiologist.